7 Best Tripod Sprinklers to Buy in 2023

Watering your garden or lawn is tricky as well as a time-consuming task. In case, you have a huge lawn then this task can take up more hours.

I know how hard it is to manage time in your busy schedule, and that is why I’m here with the best tripod sprinklers that will assist you in accomplishing this task quickly.

Best Tripod Sprinklers

In this tripod sprinkler reviews article, you will get an in-depth overview of the top-notch tripod sprinklers available out there. Moreover, going through the article will reward you with the know-how on how to choose the best tripod sprinklers for 2023 that work for your lawn.

7 Best Tripod Sprinkler Reviews

We have reviewed every tripod lawn sprinkler in detail to make sure that the buyers get proper knowledge about these tripod sprinklers. Also, the best tripod sprinklers listed here belong to a decent brand and comes with the reliability and durability you need.

1. Orbit 62120

Orbit 62120 is a rugged-looking tripod sprinkler that comes with gripped leg tips. Additionally, setting up the sprinkler is an easy job, and you can do it right away in a couple of minutes.

Advanced Sensing Technology

If you hate unwanted animal trespassing in your area, then the advanced sensing technology will be a boon for you. Orbit 62120 has a built-in smart sensor that can detect motion activities from up to 40 feet. Moreover, the sensor is smart enough to differentiate between animals and tree limbs. Whenever an animal enters your facility, the tripod sprays water forcing it to leave immediately.

Versatile Spray Zone

The users can expand the spray zone with Orbit 62120 by using impact sprinklers. The attachment is effortless, but you have to pay an additional cost for buying the impact sprinklers.

Efficient Watering Cycle

The tripod sprinkler from Orbit has 30 minutes watering cycle, which is a great thing. The smart system of the sprinkler prevents over-watering, and the users can rest assured that their lawn or garden will be watered adequately. Also, the product requires less human intervention, as you don’t have to step inside the field for powering it on and off.

Adjustable Height

You can easily adjust the height of the tripod within a couple of minutes. No matter you want to water a small or large area, you can easily do it with the help of height-adjustable functionality.

  • Prevents curious critters from trespassing in your lawn
  • Smart sensor with wide-angle viewing
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Spare parts are hard to find
  • Not ideal for scaring big animals

Our Verdict

If you want to repel small animals like skunks, deer, cats, and birds then Orbit 62120 is an excellent option for you. The users can ensure decent watering due to the 30 minutes water cycle feature.

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2. Gilmour 819003-1001

Gilmour 819003-1001 rewards the buyers with more coverage area and a powerful shower of water. Also, the tripod is adjustable and can reach at a height of 58 inches, which is an incredible thing. The tripod of this sprinkler has optimal balance. Another impressive thing is the pointed leg tips. It can easily dig into the land with a firm grip for superior performance.

Customizable Spray

This Gilmour tripod sprinkler has a customizable spray option so you can choose between gentle mist and a powerful spray. There is a diffuser pin that will assist you in attaining the type of water spray you need according to your purpose.

Versatile Dials

The dials available on the tripod spray can be used to change the direction as well as the length of the spray. If you don’t want to water the entire lawn, then you can change the settings with the help of simple-to-use dials.

Durable Construction

The metal used in the making of Gilmour 819003-1001 is superior, and it will deliver you with decent longevity. There are lesser chances of any kind of damage due to corrosion, and rusting which are quite common in garden tripod sprinklers.

Great Spraying Distance

With this sprinkler, you can spray a powerful jet of water for up to 53 feet, which is enough to water the lawns and gardens. Moreover, the diffuser pin is readily available to adjust the direction and length of water spray.

  • Economical price
  • Easily adjustable height
  • Durable
  • Great coverage
  • Uses more water
  • Powerful water pressure is required for optimal performance

Our Verdict

The tripod sprinkler lacks in features like watering cycle, and sensor. But it is ideal for those who are looking for an affordable substitute. Gilmour 819003-1001 can cover a large area, and the product is satisfactory.

3. Orbit 56667N

Orbit 56667N is ideal for people who have an irregular-shaped garden or lawn because the sprinkler adjusts automatically from zero to 360 degrees. The balance of the tripod is great, and it has coated leg tips that provide great hold against difficult terrains.

Extremely Stable Tripod

The tripod of this water sprinkler is exceptionally stable, and you can use it on any type of terrain. The stand is manufactured with metal and can extend up to 37 1/2 inches. You can quickly unfold the tripod without using much force.

Easy Installation

The users don’t have to learn any rocket science to install Orbit 56667N. Also, the gooseneck connection makes things more straightforward, and you can easily connect the water hose to the tripod sprinkler.

Prevents Clogging

The mechanism of the tripod sprinkler is designed in such a way that it prevents clogging. The water flows smoothly without any interruptions through the easy-flow design. The users can use the sprinkler with secondary water without any hassles.

No Backsplash

The backsplash is a common problem with tripod sprinklers, and it disrupts the consistency of the water spray. But this is not the case with Orbit 56667N. It has an anti-backsplash arm that can spray water consistently without any interruptions.

Covers Huge Area

The tripod sprinkler from Orbit can cover 5,670 square feet of the area when set on a full circle setting. Additionally, the users have complete control over the sprinkler, and you can restrict it from moving in any particular direction.

  • Easy to install
  • Great for lawns with irregular shape
  • Connects with a standard garden hose
  • Quality is not up to the mark

Our Verdict

The buyers who are looking for a reasonably priced tripod sprinkler with some essential features can consider Orbit 56667N. The tripod base is extendable, and you can set it anywhere between 16 inches to 37.5 inches based on your requirements.

4. Brass Impact Tripod Sprinkler

Most of the sprinklers are manufactured using sturdy metal that lasts longer. But if you need something that has exceptional longevity, and is extremely durable, then this Brass Impact Tripod Sprinkler is worth your attention. The product is manufactured with heavy-duty brass so you will get the required durability. Everything, right from the stand to the sprinkler has brass construction.

Telescopic Legs

The legs of the tripod stand are telescopic, which makes the sprinkler suitable even for tall plants. Also, the balance of the legs is fantastic, and the sprinkler can manage a powerful flow of water without falling on the ground.

Adjustable Impact Head

The impact head of the tripod sprinkler is adjustable, and the users can set it anywhere between 0 to 360 degrees. Moreover, the adjustability of the impact head makes it easier to water the entire lawn without adjusting the whole tripod.

Excellent Coverage

If you have a garden of 5000 SQF or less then Brass Impact Tripod Sprinkler is the right product for you. It delivers a powerful jet of water that can easily water the plants and herbs planted in the lawn. The buyers can adjust the brass tripod in case they need less coverage and vice versa.

Quick Installation

The installation of the Brass Impact Tripod Sprinkler merely requires a couple of minutes. And you can install it straight out of the box without using any additional tools. It is the right product for users who need something that requires less assembly.

  • Extremely durable
  • Adjustable impact head
  • Great coverage
  • Reasonably priced
  • Clogging issues are there

Our Verdict

The heavy-duty brass tripod sprinkler is an excellent option to water your lawn. Also, the tripod is easy to adjust and has rubberized grips for added durability.

5. Rain Bird 25PJDAC

Rain Bird 25PJDAC is a popular product that is backed up with thousands of positive reviews by happy customers. The sprinkler has brass as the main element, so you can rest assured that it will deliver a decent lifespan. Also, you will hear an adorable sound whenever you water the lawn with this sprinkler.

Superior Design

The Rainbird tripod Sprinkler comes with a straight design that prevents any type of water clogging. Moreover, the flow of water gets no disruptions, and the device can sprinkle water seamlessly.

Adjustable Water Flow

Rain Bird allows you to adjust the flow of water with the help of a diffuser screw. Either you can get a continuous stream of water, or you can break the water into droplets by adjusting the diffuser screw.

Rugged Construction

Some users have complaints that their zinc sprinkler didn’t last long. But with Rain Bird, you can ensure decent longevity. The sprinkler is manufactured using stainless steel, bronze, and brass so durability is something you will never complain about.

No Side Splash

The mechanism of the sprinkler sprays water in the right direction without any back or side splashes. As a result, your lawn will get watered adequately, and there will be no water splashes in your walkway or on the buildings.

Easy to Install

You can install Rain Bird 25PJDAC without any difficulties, all thanks to the 1/2″ male pipe thread outlet! The users can connect it with the hose, and the sprinkler is ready to use as soon as you open the water supply.

  • Different sprinkling pattern options
  • Solid-body
  • Easy installation
  • Mind-boggling price
  • Not tripod is available with the product

Our Verdict

You can use Rain Bird 25PJDAC without a tripod by attaching it over a solid pipe. The sprinkler assures excellent durability and will work without any issues.

6. IrrigationKing RK-1A8

IrrigationKing is a highly-suggested tripod sprinkler for homeowners and commercial gardeners. The product has heavy-duty build, and you will get decent performance with it. Moreover, the tripod base is vast, and it will help you in covering a large area.

Adjustable for Multiple Height Options

The feature is very beneficial for professional gardeners because they can use the sprinkler for many lawns irrespective of the shape and size. You will get the option to choose between 41 to 72 inches of height selection.

Reasonable Covering

With this residential and commercial tripod sprinkler, you can cover up to 4,300 SQF, which is a justifiable thing. The users can even lower or increase the coverage area by adjusting the tripod for height adjustments. The tripod available with IrrigationKing RK-1A8 is different from what you have seen earlier. There are some sleek metal tubes attached for added durability and excellent balance.

Quick Installation

The installation requires you to invest a few minutes. Also, it is easy to mount the sprinkler on the tripod, and then you can connect it with the garden hose.

Durable Body

The body and arm of this best impact sprinkler are made of bronze, which is a durable metal. The manufacturer has used brass tube and nuts to ensure lesser damage in corrosive environments.

  • Multipurpose tripod sprinkler
  • Adjustable height
  • Rugged construction
  • Expensive
  • Requires more pressure to work properly

Our Verdict

IrrigationKing RK-1A8 is excellent if you need to use it for different lawns. Using the product is easy, but it misses some crucial features like the watering cycle and adjustable direction.

7. Orbit 58308

58308 is another classic tripod sprinkler that belongs to Orbit tripod sprinklers and is designed to deliver the users with optimal results. The sprinkler is ideal to use in small lawns as well as extensive gardens because it can easily water tall plants. Additionally, the coverage of the sprinkler is fantastic, and you will love it for sure!

Non-Tipping Legs

If you are looking for a tripod sprinkler that can handle a powerful flow of water without any misbalance, then this product is what you need. The legs don’t tip, and the tripod gets excellent balance. Also, the legs of the tripod have enough weight, which can hold it at its place.

Quick Storage

Storing Orbit 58308 is a child’s play, and you can do the task on the go. The tripod stand folds easily, and then you can store it anywhere. Many tripod sprinklers available in the market are hard to store, and thus you can’t carry them from one place to another. But with Orbit 58308 everything is accessible and feasible.

No Backsplash

There is no such problem of backsplash associated with Orbit 58308. The arm of the sprinkler has backsplash prevention, and it will never spray water to areas where you don’t want it to. As a result, the watering becomes more productive, and there is less wastage of water.

Goose Neck Hose

Now you don’t have to run into hassles for connecting the sprinkler with your garden hose. The manufacturer has provided a gooseneck hose that gets attached easily with a tube, and you can tighten it with the gasket seal and brass twist connection. The connection is robust and is appropriately sealed, so there will be no leakage and water dripping issues.

Anti-Log Design

The design of the sprinkler supports a smooth flow of the water without any clogging. So you will get a great amount of pressure without any disruptions in the flow of water. As a result, the sprinkler requires less maintenance, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

  • Easy assembly
  • Height adjustable
  • No backsplash
  • Durable
  • Plastic parts are not UV rated

Our Verdict

The coverage of the spray is adjustable, and you can easily set it anywhere between 0 to 360 degrees. The sprinkler will only spray water in the direction set by the user. Moreover, there is a diffuser screw that will assist you in changing the flow of water.

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Best Tripod Sprinkler – Buyer’s Guide

Most of you will think that buying the top tripod sprinklers is an easy task, and anyone can do it without any difficulties! But purchasing a sprinkler requires you to pay attention to some specific aspects that are directly concerned with the performance. If you want the sprinkler to deliver up to the mark performance, then here is something you need to look for in a product.

Before jumping on the factors, here is a crucial piece of information for you:

What is a Tripod Sprinkler?

A tripod sprinkler is a device used for watering the lawns and gardens with much ease, and without wasting a lot of water. Generally, a sprinkler comprises of a tripod and the main body that sprays the water inside the area.

Tripod sprinklers usually sprays water more efficiently when compared to conventional sprinklers due to their rotatable head. Moreover, these sprinklers have adjustable height options which allow the users to spray water at a considerable distance even on arduous terrains.

What are the Different Types of Sprinklers?

The markets are full of different types of sprinklers, and it is necessary for you to know the difference between them. We have differentiated some of the commonly found sprinklers to make things straightforward for you.

1. Above Ground Sprinkler

Above-ground sprinklers are the ones we see in the gardens and lawns. These sprinklers are most easy to use, and you don’t have to dig any hole for the installation. The sprinklers are useful to water the plants, herbs, and shrubs planted inside your area.

2. In-Ground Sprinkler

These are the sprinklers that require you to dig a hole for the installation. Usually, the body of these sprinklers is cylindrical so that it can easily fit inside the ground. Only the nozzle of the device is above the ground. In-ground sprinklers are useful for users who have a massive chunk of land spread into acres.

3. Portable Sprinklers

Tripod sprinklers are the best portable sprinklers because you can easily place them anywhere you want. The device comes in a ready to use condition, and you can install it on the go. The sprinkler is ideal for users who need something for their home as well as for commercial purposes. You can take the sprinkling device with you because the tripod folds easily.

4. Shrub Style Sprinklers

These sprinklers are designed to be used above the ground while mounted on any pipe or hose. Also, these are specially manufactured to water the shrubs because these have the best height according to shrubs.

What are the main Advantages of Using a Tripod Sprinkler?

Tripod Sprinkler Benefits

There are tons of advantages associated with the use of tripod sprinklers, have a look at a few convincing tripod sprinkler benefits.

1. Portable

A tripod sprinkler is way beyond portable than any other sprinkler type available in the market. The overall weight of the tripod and sprinkler combined is something you can easily transport. The users can carry the tripod sprinklers because these are manufactured with hollow piping.

2. Easy to Install

Unlike other sprinklers, you don’t have to dig a hole for the installation. Tripod sprinklers have easy installation, and you can set up a sprinkler within a couple of minutes. Just attach the sprinkler with the tripod and the water hose, and it is ready to water your lawn.

3. Wide Coverage

The coverage of tripod water sprinklers is decent, and you can cover a vast area if you have an ideal sprinkler installed in your garden. These sprinklers can cover up to 7000 SQF of area, which is an incredible thing.

4. Adjustable Modes

The buyers can adjust the flow of water using the diffuser pin mounted on the sprinkler. These adjusting modes are not available in any other type, and you can choose the mode required for your garden with a tripod sprinkler. The modes offered are a continuous jet stream and water droplets.

5. Affordable

The tripod sprinklers don’t require a considerable investment, and you can purchase a high-quality product below or for $100. These sprinklers are very effective, and the price point is something everyone can easily afford.

6. Prevents Water Loss

The major drawback of most sprinklers is that they create a lot of water wastage. But with tripod sprinklers, the wastage of water becomes less. These sprinklers can even work on low water pressure, where all the high-end sprinklers fail.

Factors to consider when buying the Best Tripod Lawn Sprinkler

Best Tripod Lawn Sprinklers

As a buyer, you need to consider some essential factors before buying a tripod sprinkler. We have explained them in-depth so that you can make a quick and fruitful buying decision.

1. Coverage Area

Have you ever measured your lawn? If not, then it is time to do so! The coverage area of the sprinkler depends on the size and shape of your lawn or garden. What you can do is calculate the size of your lawn, and choose the tripod sprinkler to make an optimum decision. If you buy a sprinkler lesser than the area of your garden then the watering will be inappropriate and some areas will be deprived of proper water.

In case you are not able to measure the area of your lawn, then consider buying a sprinkler with an extensive coverage so that you can adjust it as per your need.

2. Durability

The durability of the tripod sprinkler matters a lot because you cannot purchase a tripod sprinkler every day. These sprinklers are prone to a lot of damage caused by drops and corrosion. Always buy sprinklers that have heavy-duty materials like brass, aluminum, and zinc alloy. The reason behind this is that these metals are resistant to corrosion up to some extent, and are very durable even in tough climatic conditions.

3. Design

Pay attention to the design of the tripod because it is the base of the sprinkler and has an impact on the performance. Go with the sprinklers that have a decent tripod with coated legs, so that you won’t face any tipping problems in the future. Moreover, look at the design of the impact head and check whether it is rotatable or not. Some sprinklers have fixed heads so you can’t water the entire lawn.

4. Additional Features

Modern tripod sprinklers come loaded with extra features like motion detection, watering cycle, and dials for customizing the flow of water. You need to look at your end purpose to evaluate which features are beneficial for you. The sprinklers that have additional features will make your life much more comfortable, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time adjusting them again and again.

5. Installation

If the installation is tricky, then there is no point in buying a particular product. Look for the options that have easy installation and come with an assembled tripod. The tripod sprinklers listed above require minimal setup and are ready to use.

Precautions to take while using a Tripod Sprinkler

Here is a list of precautions you need to take while using a tripod sprinkler. Keeping these things in mind will help you in achieving a better lifespan of the sprinkler, along with utmost safety.

1. Use the Right Hose

Try to use the right hose that is perfect with the tripod sprinkler. Never attach a hose forcefully because it can damage the water inlet, and can create a lot of water wastage.

2. Don’t Attach a Faulty Tripod

The tripod should be in an appropriate condition for use with the sprinkler, as it will not lead to tipping issues. Make sure that you are using the tripod that came with the sprinkler because the stock tripod is the best.

3. Make Sure the Flow of Water is Decent

Make sure that the flow of water is adequate to run the tripod sprinkler. In case, the flow is less the sprinkler will not work. On the other hand, if the flow is more than enough, then it can damage the sprinkler.

Tips for Maintaining your Tripod Sprinkler

Tripod Sprinkler Reviews

Proper and regular maintenance is the key to extended durability of a tripod sprinkler. Do you know how to maintain a tripod sprinkler? Here are a few tips that can help!

1. Lubricate the Moving Parts

Lubricate all the moving parts of the tripod sprinkler, be it the impact head, tripod legs, and any other part. In this case, water is involved, and there are fair chances that the metal parts can catch corrosion. Use nice grease or any other lubricant to oil the sprinkler once a week.

Here is a renowned lubricant you can buy.

2. Inspect the Piping

The piping that connects the hose to the sprinkler is prone to leakage and easy damage. You need to check the pipeline occasionally to ensure that it is free from damages, and there are no symptoms of water leakage or dripping. Moreover, appropriately maintained piping retains the pressure of water, and you get better performance from the sprinkler.

3. Clean the Sprinkler Head

It is necessary to make sure that the head of the sprinkler is clean. What you should do is clean the head before and after using the tripod sprinkler. The head has small holes that can be clogged by debris. And frequent cleaning of the head will make your sprinkler last longer, and you can terminate some issues related to water blockage.

Best Tripod Lawn Sprinkler FAQs

Q1: What materials are used in the making of tripod sprinklers?

Every manufacturer uses different materials to manufacture tripod sprinklers. But the most common materials are stainless steel, zinc alloy, and brass. All of these materials are ideal for making sprinklers because they don’t catch rust easily, and are very affordable. Some tripod sprinklers are even made out of a mixture of these three metals for added durability.

Q2: How can I customize the flow of water with my tripod sprinkler?

Customizing the flow of water is an easy task, and you can do it quickly. All you have to do is adjust the diffuser pin mounted on the sprinkler. If you are unable to find the diffuser pin then go through the instruction manual and see the diagrammatic schema. The pin will allow you to achieve the desired flow rate for watering your lawn.

Q3: What are the steps to set-up a tripod sprinkler?

Setting up a tripod sprinkler requires you to perform a particular set of steps. Here are the steps you need to follow for quick installation of your new tripod sprinkler.

  • Start with unfolding the tripod, most of the tripod sprinklers come with an assembled tripod, and you don’t have to screw anything. Just take it out of the box, and unfold it up to full extent.
  • Place the tripod on the right platform, and start attaching the sprinkler on it. There is a particular place on the top of the tripod meant explicitly for mounting the sprinkler. Attach the sprinkler and tighten the screw so that it can hold its position.
  • Check whether everything is attached correctly by pulling the sprinkler with a gentle force. You can even take the tripod in your hand, and tilt it to find out whether the sprinkler is loose or not.
  • Finally, attach the garden hose to the gooseneck of the sprinkler. You can find it in the lower part of the tripod.
  • After attaching the hose, turn on the water supply and check whether the sprinkler is working fine.

Final Thoughts

Buying the best tripod sprinklers will make things much easier for you. You can water the plants while keeping the animals away from trespassing in your area. Also, a tripod sprinkler is very portable, and you can use it for commercial purposes as well.

Go through the buying guide and comparison table to make the best buying decision. Moreover, read the precautions, and maintenance tips to ensure that your sprinkler lasts longer.

The best tripod sprinkler in this list is Orbit 62120. It has all the advanced features you need, along with a motion detection sensor. In case you are looking for something affordable then Rain Bird 25PJDAC is a highly-recommended product.

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