31 DIY Awesome Garden Ideas with Pots And Rocks That Will Blow Your Mind

Garden Ideas with Pots And Rocks

Hello dear lovelies!! Today, we bring before you the 31 most stunning garden ideas with pots and rocks that will make your jaws drop really low!!

Gardens, we know, are the pristine spots each one of us would always like to own in our homes. To make these verdant spots even more enticing and soothing, why not try out some do it yourself or DIY ideas that make use of humble rocks and pots? Pots and rocks are an awesome combo that can enhance your garden’s look. There are umpteen brilliant ideas using these elements. Let’s not waste time and get started!

1. Butterfly themed stepping stones in garden

Garden Ideas with Pots

Image Credit: prakticideas

Rocks in the garden are the latest trend with many people giving their pavements and landscapes a rocky makeover. If you think your garden needs rocky stepping stones, but in a stylish way, then surely try out this butterfly stepping stone idea. The image shows a colorfully laid out butterfly themed stepping stones pathway. The whole design looks very artsy and elaborate and is very easy to do by yourself. You can also design floral patterned stepping stones as shown.

2. DIY fairy garden

Pots Garden Ideas

Image Credit: projectnursery

Pots garden ideas such as the one showcased above are very artistic in appearance and are a craze these days. We call this idea a ‘fairy garden’ and it makes use of broken pots, some decorative pieces like figurines, potting soil, and some plants like succulents. The project is easy to do at home and gives deep satisfaction and happiness. The fairy garden is made out of a broken terracotta pot and beautified with cute accessories as seen.

3. DIY broken pot planter idea for gardens

Pots Garden Ideas

Image Credit: netdna-ssl

If you have a few pots that are broken and are keen to use them as garden decor features, go ahead confidently! It’s a true fact that pots break, and are often found lying in basements. But, with the above garden idea, you can seriously put these broken pots into use. Some plants can grow in less soil, and propagate well with very little water. You can also plant more than one variety of plants in such a broken pot.

4. Stunning spiral rock mosaic pathway

 Rocks in Garden

Image Credit: bosscdn

The DIY garden project seen above is quite fun to do and can involve your family as well. The DIYers have to collect different shaped pebbles or stones and have some patience if they want to create a unique looking walkway. The shape of the stone pathway looks spiral in design and matches well with nearby surroundings. It is one of the main focal points in this garden.

5. A colorful miniature garden with pots

Large Flower Pots

Image Credit: minigardener

The above image is that of a wonderful garden that has been bedecked with a miniature garden grown in various types of pots. Some of the pots are big, while others are small. We can also get a glimpse of a stone or rocky pot that looks really stylish. One can have a mini garden in these pots. The only thing is to select a spot and match the colors and shapes.

6. Stunning DIY table and benches made of stones

Rocks in Garden

Image Credit: blogspot

Gardens are places where you can unwind and relax. It’s a place that must look appealing, and for this purpose, some people place stylish furniture for spending quality time. In case you are a DIY person, then use rocks and stones to build your garden table and benches. The stone seating area above looks rustic and quite pleasant. The legs of the table and benches are made out of stones while the tops are made of stone slab and wood.

7. Garden decor with DIY stone castle

Rocks in Garden

Image Credit: fantasticviewpoint

This stone castle is made at home using rocks, pebbles, tiles, PVC pipe, and rags. The fairy tale castle looks stunning and is pretty easy to be made. You will need a flower pot also for this castle. You would need to wrap at least two cut sheets of tiles around the pipe and stick on rocks all over. The flower pot too needs to be wrapped with tiles, and then, stones need to be pasted. Once done, push the pipe into the ground and then place the pot in an upside down manner over the pipe. The fairy tale castle is done!

8. Astonishing garden decor idea with DIY stone baby footprints

Small Rock Garden Ideas

Image Credit: blogspot

Garden ideas with pots and rocks are the new and latest DIY decor fad. The above example shows how one can use his or her creativity to make astonishing rocky decorations in their garden. The rocky baby footprint decor on a wooden slab looks cute and must be tried. You would need such rocks, stones, and pebbles that have rounded edges and can be formed into baby footprints. Choose any color you like.

9. DIY clay pot lighthouse garden light

Pots Garden Ideas

Image Credit: diy-enthusiasts

The above garden decor idea looks very unique and is pretty simple to make. All you need are two clay pots and some paints. The pots are designed to resemble a lighthouse and are painted with blue, white, and red colors. The light fixture is fixed within the clay pots. It’s an innovative way to place a garden light that works on solar power.

10. Minion themed flower pots for your garden

Pots Garden Ideas

Image Credit: musely

If you are a fan of Minions, then this DIY project is just for you!! The DIYer has made use of terracotta pots and then painted these to resemble the sweet creatures from the movie ‘Despicable Me’. The bright yellow paint adds a vibrant look to the pots which can be used for planting flowers. It’s an easy DIY project and cheap too.

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11. DIY vertical flower pot garden

Pots Garden Ideas

Image Credit: usefuldiyprojects

Vertical gardening helps such people that have less space. Here, the gardener has placed colorfully painted flower pots on a wooden rack. The pots are bright and add a unique look to the garden area. You can use any type of pot for this project.

12. DIY mini fairy garden made out of rocks and pots

Rocks in Garden

Image Credit: savwi

The mini fairy garden showcased above looks very attractive. You all must be thinking that the project is quite difficult, but, in reality, it is simple and anyone can accomplish this DIY project with very less amount of money and time. All you need is a spot where you want the garden, some rocks, and stones of varying shapes, and some old pots and accessories for decorations. Assemble each and every element as per your liking and according to the concept you have visualized. You can have a layered look for this project.

13. Fun DIY garden idea with colorful pots and rocks

 Rocks in Garden

Image Credit: homebnc

If you want to have rocks in your garden, then why not follow this fabulous decor idea shown above? The idea motivates you to use flower pots, rocks, stones of different shapes, paint, and create an artistic spot in your home. The pots seen in the image are painted with floral patterns and are matched artistically with small and big sized rocks that are painted too. This idea can be adopted and incorporated in front of your entrance where a mini garden can also be created.

14. DIY pot fountain decor for your garden

Large Flower Pots

Image Credit: shelterness

Old and large flower pots can now be used by converting them into beautiful water fountains in gardens. Fountains add an ethereal touch to a garden’s decor and also create a tranquil ambiance for everyone. Most DIY lovers go for pots and rocks when building their own fountains. As seen above, the fountain feature is made out of an old pot. The landscaping done with rocks enhances its look.

15. DIY garden design with rock flower pot

Small Rock Garden Ideas

Image Credit: pinimg

If you like rocks to beautify your gardens, then here is one cool idea that you can do all by yourself. Rocks can be used to act as planters or pots, such as in the picture showcased above. The swirly rocky formation is easy to make. You can have your own mini herb or veggie garden with the help of this idea. A simple project, it can, however, take some time as you get down to add rocky layers to form into this creative DIY rocky pot.

16. Lovely DIY garden pond landscaped with rocks

White Rocks for Garden

Image Credit: topinspirations

Garden ponds add a serene touch to any spot meant for relaxation such as a garden or a backyard. Nowadays, DIY lovers are using a lot of stones and rocks to create their garden ponds instead of relying on landscape artists that make use of expensive accessories and elements. Rocks can play an important part in building ponds such as in the image shown above. The two mini ponds are landscaped with rocks of varying shapes and this lends a natural feel and look to the garden spot.

17. DIY garden with a rocky fountain

 Rocks in Garden

Image Credit: topinspirations

Rocky fountains have a unique charm and lend a very rustic look to any space. The above picture is that of a fountain that has been built entirely of rocks and stones. You can use white rocks for garden features like ponds as this color matches perfectly with other shades like green and pink. The same has been used in the fountain in the image. The layered rocky fountain is easy to build without much expertise.

18. DIY painted frog rock decor in a garden

Small Rock Garden Ideas

Image Credit: kitchenfunwithmy3sons

Who doesn’t like cute decorations to beautify his or her garden? Not you..not us!! We all like to create unique features that enhance the look of our homes and gardens. How about creating your very own rocky frog prince? Well…choose some big sized rocks and some smaller ones, paint them, and then assemble them to form an adorable looking frog. The rocky frog can then be placed anywhere in the garden.

19. Gorgeous DIY stacked stones decor

Rocks in Garden

Image Credit: pinimg

This DIY project is perhaps the easiest of the lot as you simply need to stack up rocks on top of each other! The stacked rocky formation looks very stylish and enhances the look of the garden. You can use any type of rocks and stones for this purpose. The end result is fantastic!

20. DIY cactus rock art in garden containers

 Pots Garden Ideas,

Image Credit: diyhomelife

There are many different types of creative garden ideas with pots and rocks, such as the one we have shown above. This is a cool DIY project which involves rocks of varying shapes and sizes. You have to craft cactuses using rocks and create your very own rock art for the garden. If you chance upon long and huge rocks, pick them and then color these using shades of green and white to create a cactus look. Now, place all your rocky cactuses inside pots of different styles to stylize your balconies or gardens.

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21. Cute DIY painted garden rocks

Rocks in Garden

Image Credit: evermine

You can create garden markers using rocks and stones of different shapes. This is a super easy DIY project even kids can do at home. All you would need are rocks, and some paint and you are good to go!

22. DIY stacked clay pot decor

Pots Garden Ideas

Image Credit: balconygardenweb

A stacked pot decor can add a refreshing look to your garden. The image shows how one can use ordinary clay or terracotta pots, paint these up in pleasing colors and then stack one pot on top of another. This too is a simple project.

23. DIY terracotta pot wind chimes idea for garden

Pots Garden Ideas

Image Credit: hgtv

There are many out of the box pot garden ideas to choose from. If you are thinking of going a little differently than others, try terracotta pots to deck up the garden area. The wind chime shown above is made of pots and looks very pleasant in blue with colorful floral cutouts placed inside. These look adorable and are easy to make.

24. DIY rocks with mosaic decor for garden

Rocks in Garden

Image Credit: gardenloversclub

The rocks seen above look adorable and very crafty with colorful mosaic decorations. The two hearts and a paw mosaic decor add much charm to this garden. You can place such decorative rocks as garden edging or as a border for a rocky fountain.

25. DIY succulents pots

Pots Garden Ideas

Image Credit: alicdn

Showcased above is a very attractive and creative project involving large flower pots. The pot is broken and then used to plant succulents together with adorable accessories like dog figurines and houses. The idea is cute and creates a layered look. The layers can be added by placing other small broken pots inside the main large pot.

26. DIY mosaic garden pot

Pots Garden Ideas

Image Credit: mickiesbloominggarden

If you love a particular style of mosaic art called Pique Assiette, then this project is one for you! It involves using broken pieces of ceramics and then pasting these on the body of the pots. For this above project, the DIYer has used broken ceramics and tiles for decorations. It’s an artistic decoration for your garden.

27. DIY aged garden pots

Pots Garden Ideas

Image Credit: midwestliving

There are many ways to give an aged look to your pots. You can use the chipped charm effect or speckled effect or tough texture effect to add age to your terracotta pots. All you need are a damp cloth, sandpaper, foam brush, a cup of water, paints, and primer for creating this look.

28. DIY spilled flower pot for garden

Large Flower Pots

Image Credit: freshpatio

On a green lawn, you can add a striking design by placing spilled flower pots. If you have broken pots or barrels, lay these down and then plant flowers of various colors like impatiens and pansies. These types of pots also offer a cover or shade for plants.

29. DIY pebble mosaic sunray decor

 Rocks in Garden

Image Credit: freshpatio

It is a simple rocky design that’s built around the drain. Instead of just leaving the drain uncovered and visible, the gardener has created a mosaic of rocks to form a lovely sun-ray decor around it.

30. Impressive DIY small rock garden

Small Rock Garden Ideas

Image Credit: pinimg

For those looking for creative small rock garden ideas, the garden idea shown here will definitely come to help. The corner of the house has been decked up with this beautiful rock garden featuring rocks and stones of different shapes, a statue of a boy, plants, garden focus lights, and a barrel planter. The whole spot looks verdant and very appealing.

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31. DIY big rock succulent planters for a garden

 Rocks in Garden

Image Credit: homesthetics

The rock succulent planters in this garden look quite impressive and unique. The rocky garden bed looks alluring too. You can plant succulents of varying types in huge rocks as shown above. The design suits such gardens that are inspired by the Zen style of landscaping.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of budget friendly and creative garden decor ideas that one can try. You don’t need loads of money to create your very own verdant nook. With these amazing garden ideas with pots and rocks, you can create a heaven. Do try a few of these ideas and see the magic unfold before your eyes!

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