18 Best Indoor Plants For Coffee Table

Indoor Plants For Coffee Table

Add a feel of nature into your home by decorating any of these indoor plants for coffee table. These potted plants are easy to grow and maintain and can help to greatly enhance the overall look and feel of your home interiors.

1. African Violet

Indoor plants for coffee table

Image Credit: Pinterest

Infuse some colors into your home with this potted African Violet plant. This flowering plant will only require moderate sunlight and you only need to water it once in a day. Place the potted plant away from fans or floor vents in order to prevent a burst of cold air that could ruin its growth.

2. Aloe Vera

Coffee table with planter

Image Credit: The KN Clan

Although Aloe Vera plants are normally grown in tropical climates, they can also thrive indoors with less maintenance and care. The best thing about growing Aloe Vera as coffee table plants is that it comes with several medicinal benefits. Simply cut off the tip of the leaves whenever you need to use it in treating your skin irritations and minor burns.

3. Asparagus Fern

Coffee table with planter

Image Credit: Gardenista

Asparagus ferns are normally hanged in a basket, but it can also be grown in pots and decorated as a centerpiece for your coffee table. Growing the fern indoor might require a bit of effort since it requires some humidity for its growth. Thus, it may be necessary to mist the fern from time to time, especially if your indoor temperature is too dry. Nevertheless, the asparagus fern is one of the best good-looking indoor plants for coffee table.

4. Blushing Bromeliad

Succulent coffee table centerpiece

Image Credit: The Spruce

The blushing bromeliad is one of those indoor tabletop plants that can help to give color to your home interiors, especially when it starts to bear a dark pinkish rosette flower in the middle. The plant doesn’t need a lot of care. In fact, all it needs is just a warm temperature and some bright light.

5. Boston fern

Succulent coffee table centerpiece

Image Credit: Gardening Know How

Having a mass of frilly fronds, the Boston fern is truly a great way to add a touch of nature into your living room. The fern does not require a lot of maintenance. As a matter of fact, it loves the indoors a lot. However, just like with other ferns, it also needs some humidity so make sure you keep the soil to stay moist. Place the potted plant in a tray of pebbles that’s filled with water to keep it moist. Mist the plant at least twice in a week.

6. Cactus

Succulent coffee table centerpiece

Image Credit: Pinterest

The spiky little cactus plants are highly resilient. Moreover, they don’t need much sunlight or water, which makes them one of the best coffee table plants to grow. Choose those cactus varieties that have flowers in them to make your coffee table look even more beautiful.

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7. Grape Hyacinth

Indoor tabletop plants

Image Credit: flowersdelivered

The Grape Hyacinth is another colorful way to decorate your coffee table with planter. Its tiny clusters of purple pearls make them suitable for indoor decorating. Taking care of these indoor plants is easy. It only requires light to moderate watering and partial sunlight.

8. Jade Plant

Indoor tabletop plants

Image Credit: shopyourway

The Jade plant is a perfect choice of a succulent coffee table centerpiece. Also known as the money tree, this succulent commonly grows in the arid areas of Africa. However, the plant is also used as a common indoor houseplant. The best thing about the jade plant is that it can adapt well to all kinds of environment. We have a great guide on how to grow a jade plant.

9. Maidenhair Fern

Indoor tabletop plants

Image Credit: Pinterest

Soften your interior decoration by placing a potted Maidenhair fern on your coffee table. The fern is in fact commonly used as indoor plants for coffee table due to its distinct look. With its fine small leaves, it’s a great way to complement the strong and well-defined shapes in your decors, such as the frames and books. However, the fern is known to get thirsty too often. Therefore, make sure that you keep its soil moist at all times.

10. Moss

Indoor tabletop plants

Image Credit: World of Architecture

Moss can be found all over the world and is among the most drought tolerant plants. As such, a potted moss is ideal for decorating indoors. Just like with other indoor plants, moss can help to purify the indoor air. It will take in the pollutants in the surroundings and will convert them to oxygen. Indeed, a potted moss is a great plant to grow inside your home.

11. Phalaenopsis orchid

Indoor tabletop plants

Image Credit: The Spruce

Another way to add color and grace into your living space is by decorating your coffee table with the Phalaenopsis orchid. The flowers of this orchid usually come in the shades of purple and white. With the right maintenance and care, the orchid can last for several months. However, it should be noted that the Phalaenopsis orchid is one of those indoor tabletop plants that love humidity. Therefore, you need to mist the plant regularly especially during hot days.

12. Polka-Dot Plants

Coffee table plants

Image Credit: 99Roots

The polka dot plants are lively and colorful and can definitely help to prettify your coffee table indoor. Moreover, the brightly spotted leaves of the plants can go well against the other plants. Combine this with other potted plants, such as ferns, for a more attractive decoration. In order for the plants to thrive indoors, you need to keep the soil moist at all times. You may also need to fertilize them during the growing season with a liquid fertilizer to encourage blooming.

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13. Sansevieria

Coffee table plants

Image Credit: Blooming Artificial

Also called the mother-in-law’s tongue, the Sansevieria is definitely a great plant to grow indoors. These plants have thick leaves that are sometimes mottled with white. The plant can grow best in bright light, although it can also handle low light indoors. Moreover, it can thrive in dry and poor soil conditions, although it can also grow best in a well-drained soil.

14. Spider Plant

Coffee table plants

Image Credit: A Garden Floral

Originally from the tropical places of Asia and Africa, the spider plant is absolutely easy to grow. It is one of those air purifying indoor plants that are really good at removing toxins. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, these plants are deemed safe for pets. With this, the spider plant is no doubt a great choice of plant to grow on your coffee table.

15. String of Pearls

Coffee table plants

Image Credit: Captive Creativity

Another succulent coffee table centerpiece that can make your coffee table to stand out is the string of pearls. Their bead-like leaves are truly one of a kind, and they may also bear flowers during springtime. For as long as they have the right condition, these succulents can grow easily. Give the plant occasional sunlight and some watering in order to thrive indoors.

16. Venus fly trap

Coffee table plants

Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures

Another unique looking indoor plant for coffee table is the Venus flytrap. These plants are considered carnivorous and could catch beetles, mosquitoes and other insects. These carnivorous plants are not really that difficult to grow, for as long as you place them in the right environment. Provide the plants with as much sun and heat as you can. Moreover, water with distilled or rain water to achieve maximum growth.

17. Caladium

Indoor plants for coffee table

Image Credit: Caladium Bulbs

The caladiums are amazing foliage plants that can make for a perfect decoration indoors. However, these plants might need special care especially when grown on a coffee table. Provide the plants with a medium light area and some midday sun. Moreover, ensure that it gets watered regularly since humidity is crucial to the growth of the plants.

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18. Cape Primrose

Coffee table plants

Image Credit: White Flower Farm

Decorate your coffee table with these colorful Cape Primroses to make it look colorful. These indoor plants can also tolerate dry soil well although it is best to add some potting mix to saturate the soil. Water the plants directly into the soil and avoid getting the leaves wet. Cold water could stain the leaves and will make the plant look unsightly.

Final Thoughts

With this long list of indoor plants for coffee table, deciding which plant to have on your coffee table should be easy.

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