31 Pest Repelling Plants For Your Garden

Pest Repelling Plants

You will find gardeners often complaining that their charming verdant gardens are often visited by unwanted guests – aphids, ants, rats, cockroaches and flies. These are the usual pests that often raid your gardens and cause destruction to your favorite flowers and veggies. How about tackling this issue of pests naturally? Well, the most natural and Eco-friendly way to repel pests from your gardens is to plant these pest repelling plants that will solve all your pest problems. From repelling spiders, ants, wasps, bees to roaches, these plants are not only effective in ridding your gardens and other spots free from these annoying pests, these showcased plants and flowers also enhance the look of your outdoors.

1. Lavender

Pest Repelling Plants

Image Credit: gardenersworld

Lavender is one among these below showcased plants that repel flies, mosquitoes and fleas. It is a plant that exudes a delightful aroma and is regarded as a blessing for such gardens that are often attacked by insects. Though, lavender’s fragrance is loved by humans, the insects get repelled by it as they cannot tolerate it. Choose such locations to plant lavender that get ample sunlight. If you have a garden on your terrace, plant the lavender in pots or containers.

2. Osage Orange

Plants that Repel Roaches

Image Credit: newyork1

Spiders are annoying guests that often make a visit to your garden and rampage your lovable flowers and plants. How about planting such plants that repel spiders? If you want spiders to not bother your plants, then you must plant Osage Orange, a plant that is most hated by these arthropods, and mostly planted in such gardens that house spider population in large numbers. The plant of Osage Orange is a bush most of you know as hedge apple. It bears fruits that have a citrus fragrance that insects, specially spiders cannot tolerate. This fragrance deters spiders from building their nests near your plants and damaging them.

3. Basil

Plants that Repel Flies

Image Credit: ruchiskitchen

Featuring in most cuisines of the world, basil is also an excellent pest repelling plant. For a mosquito and fly free garden, you must plant basil, either in pots or in soil. Known as Ocimum basilicum, this plant smells pungent. Its strong aroma poses a deterrent for mosquitoes and flies that hate it. If you have a veggie garden and want to grow tomatoes that taste nicer, then plant basil plants along with the tomato plants. Some varieties that are most effective in tackling mosquitoes are cinnamon and lemon basil.

4. Catnip

Plants that Repel Roaches

Image Credit: edgesuite

If you are looking forward to having a cockroach free garden, then plant catnip for sure. The catnip is a perennial herb that is counted as one among the most effective plants that repel roaches. The catnip plant is most hated by roaches, and even mosquitoes, aphids, beetles and ants. Most people who live in regions infested with such pests plant catnip indoors or in gardens for tackling pest problem. The plant contains a substance called nepetalactonem that cannot be tolerated by cockroaches, specially the German Roaches that find this substance appalling. Apart from appalling cockroaches, catnip also repels beetles, fleas and squash bugs. The only one animal that seems to not get affected by it is a cat. Plant ‘Six Hills Giant’, a variety of catnip that is the most effective in deterring cockroaches. It bears blooms in sky blue tone.

5. Artemisia

Plants that Repel Flies

Image Credit: bluestoneperennials

Artemisia is not merely a beautiful plant that charms you with its silver leaves, it is also helpful in repelling lots of pests like carrot flies, fleas, beetles, cabbage maggots, white flies and rats. The antiseptic produced by this plant deters these pests that cannot tolerate it. It can be grown in borders of gardens that are used only for growing flowers. One must not grow this plant in veggie garden as it produces a substance that is poisonous.

6. Lemon Balm

Pest Repelling Plants

Image Credit: angelplants

The Lemon Balm plant is used for a number of medicinal uses. Apart from its medicinal properties, this plant is known to repel mosquitoes. It produces flowers that smell of lemons, courtesy, the cintronellal compound that is contained in it. Most insects and pests hate this lemony smell and usually avoid going near it. Most gardeners plant this in pots or garden beds that are close to sitting decks or patios. Though, mosquitoes and other bugs get deterred by Lemon Balm, the bees love its fragrance and are usually attracted to it.

7. Rosemary

Plants that Repel Flies

Image Credit: bonnieplants

A great mosquito repelling plant, Rosemary can be grown easily in pots or in the soil. Its a great looking plant that most people grow in their gardens. The Rosemary plants look gorgeous when grown in garden beds or in herb gardens. Plant these gorgeous beauties in such places that are frequented by mosquitoes. The strong smell will deter these winged creatures from coming near you. The best part about Rosemary is that you can use its cuttings too to repel insects.

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8. Marigold

Plants that Repel Flies

Image Credit: almanac

A great mosquito repellent, Marigold is a good slug deterrent too. These gorgeous orange flowers are great repellents for pests and can be planted in pots or garden beds. If you have a veggie garden where you grow tomatoes, plant Marigolds as these will keep away such insects that eat them. Insects hate the smell of Marigolds and keep themselves away as much as they can. Also, these flowers contain a compound called Pyrethrum that is non tolerant to insects. This compound is used in many mosquito repellents. These flowers are also known to repel aphids and rabbits that detest the fragrance. Most farmers plant Marigold to repel nematodes that cannot tolerate the aroma of its roots.

9. Chrysanthemums

 Plants that Repel Roaches

Image Credit: homyden

Chrysanthemums are one among the many plants that repel roaches apart from other bugs like lice, mites, Japanese beetles, silverfish, fleas and ticks. These flowers are a blessing for gardens that are often raided by these appalling pests that cause damage and are also an eye sore. Chrysanthemums contain a compound called Pyrethrum that is used worldwide in making pest repellents. The smell of this compound is non tolerable to most pests. Most gardeners plant these flowers as companion plants with other plant varieties because Chrysanthemums effectively kill all kinds of jumping insects, thereby protecting other plants.

10. Lemon thyme

Pest Repelling Plants

Image Credit: lgbotanicals

In this list of pest repelling plants, the name of Lemon thyme must be mentioned as this repels mosquitoes very effectively. Simply, plant these herbs in sunny locations and see them flourishing everywhere, including border and rock gardens. There is a trick to make this plant mosquito repelling. You have to pinch its leaves for the fragrance to deter these irritating creatures.

11. Nasturtiums

Plants that Repel Flies

Image Credit: blogspot

If you have a huge growth of veggies in your vegetable garden like cabbage, tomatoes, collards, kale, broccoli and cucumber, then plant Nasturtiums along with these vegetables because these flowers repel a whole lot of insects like cabbage loopers, squash bugs, aphids and white-flies that prey on these veggies. There is a chemical that these flowers release, and this makes insects stay away not merely from the veggie plants but from the Nasturtium plant as well. Many people grow Nasturtiums along the edges of their veggie gardens.

12. Mint

 Plants that Repel Ants

Image Credit: sparssh

Apart from being used widely as a flavoring agent in many cuisines, Mint is also grown to repel mosquitoes from gardens. It is also considered one of the most effective plants that repel ants. It contains such a fragrance that is detested by most insects. If you have a garden and want to sit comfortably in your garden seating nook, then plant Mint plants in pots and keep them all around. Planting Mint plants in soil is not recommended as these propagate fiercely and can take over the garden bed completely within no time. You can plant Mint as a companion plant with other plant varieties to keep insects away.

13. Lemongrass

Pest Repelling Plants

Image Credit: amazon

Lemongrass must be planted in gardens that complain of mosquitoes as it contains citronella oil that is naturally offensive to these pesky creatures. Lemongrass plant can grow upto 4 feet in height and looks very ornamental. It can either be planted in a pot or on a garden bed with soil that drains well. Flies too get repelled when you plant lemongrass in your garden as they cannot tolerate its pungent fragrance. Its popularly called Mosquito Grass in Asia. Most people plant this ornamental plant close to seating nooks in patios and gardens.

14. Citronella

Plants that Repel Wasps

Image Credit: lgbotanicals

The strong fragrance of Citronella grass repels insects, and therefore, its a must have grass in your gardens. Citronella is one of the few plants that repel wasps. Most insect repellents contain citronella that works effectively in repelling mosquitoes and other insects. If you wish to plant it, then, use large pots as this grass grows quite tall, reaching upto 6 feet in height. The citronella plant is an easy to maintain plant, and according to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, it can deter mosquitoes most efficiently than other varieties of plants.

15. Clover

 Pest Repelling Plants

Image Credit: almanac

Gardeners vouch for this plant that grows easily as a garden soil cover and repels pesky insects like wire-worms and aphids. This plant grows as grass and offers a protective layer to your soil that also houses other kinds of plants. Most aphids and wire-worms detest going near clover. For a veggie garden that has cabbages, plant clover around them to deter cabbage worms from damaging the cabbages. One can find more than 300 varieties of this plant.

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16. Leeks

Plants that Repel Flies

Image Credit: rhs

Leek is a popular companion plant for carrots that are often attacked by carrot flies. Leeks are detested by carrot flies which cannot stand its smell. Leek plants are too raided often by onion flies. However, when you plant these two plants, leek and carrot together, the respective insects seem to get deterred by the strong aromas of the leek and carrot. The carrot flies get repelled by the strong aroma of the leek, while, the onion flies get deterred by the fragrance of the carrot plant.

17. Tansy

Plants that Repel Ants

Image Credit: blogspot

Bearing yellow blooms in small clusters and foliage that resemble fern, the Tansy is a perennial plant growing upto 4 feet in height. It grows and propagates aggressively by self seeding, and is a pest repelling plant used for deterring beetles, flies, ants, cutworms and cabbage white. It is also known as Golden Button or Bitter Button. This plant is also known to repel mosquitoes and is generally planted near doors, windows as well as outdoors like gardens, patios and decks. You can pot them as well.

18. Common Yarrow

Plants that Repel Ants

Image Credit: thelifeofyourtime

Among plants that repel ants, the name of Common Yarrow features prominently as this perennial produces a pungent aroma that is disliked by ants and other pests. One must plant Common Yarrow in such places that are often attacked by rodents and other kinds of pests. However, this plant attracts non harmful insects like ground beetles, lacewings, spiders, hover flies and ladybugs. These insects often lay their eggs in the foliage of this plant that resembles fern.

19. Petunias

Pest Repelling Plants

Image Credit: tqn

Petunias are one of the most effective pest repelling plants to ward off irritating insects like aphids, squash bugs and beetles. The plant produces bright toned blooms that look attractive. But, at the same time pose as a deterrent to pests. One must plant these in locations that receive direct sunlight. Gardeners plant Petunias as companion plants to tomatoes, corn, beans, basil and peppers as these have insect repelling properties. They are hated by leaf-hoppers, asparagus beetle and tomato worms among a host of other bugs. Even aphids detest Petunias. One can even plant Petunias alongside Roses to ward off pests. In many cases, Roses showed good growth where Petunias were planted as companion plants.

20. Lemon Verbena

Pest Repelling Plants

Image Credit: edgesuite

Do you have mosquito menace in your garden? If so, then plant Lemon Verbena, a perennial that drives away mosquitoes as these pesky creatures cannot tolerate its smell or aroma. Known as Aloysia triphylla, the plant Lemon Verbena can be easily grown in your garden or windows. If you have mosquito problem, then, plant these right in your doorways or seating nooks built on patios and decks. The mosquitoes detest the lemony fragrance of this plant and steer clear of it.

21. Mugwort

 Plants that Repel Flies

Image Credit: adaptiveseeds

A very aromatic grass perennial, the Mugwort is one of the most popular plants that repel flies, mosquitoes and many other kinds of insects. In Japan, this plant is also known as Yomogi, while, many people also know it as White Mugwort. Usually, the plant grows in rocky as well as grassy regions and is a native of Siberia. Its a popular grass perennial that gardeners plant to get rid of mosquitoes from their gardens. It contains aromatic oil that repels insects, specially mosquitoes and flies as they cannot stand its smell. Even moths and rats seem to stay clear of it. You can plant it in pots or on the garden bed.

22. Chives

 Plants that Repel Flies

Image Credit: georgeweigel

Pest repelling plants like Chives are very effective in driving away aphids, Japanese beetles and carrot flies. Chives or Allium schoenoprasum is a very small type of onion that can be eaten like other onions. The plant reaches just 50 cms in height and is used as a spice in many cuisines around the world. Though, mostly, chives are used as a spice, yet, gardeners prefer to plant them to repel insects like the ones mentioned above.

23. Fennel

 Plants that Repel Flies

Image Credit: gardenseason

Many of you may have seen Eucalyptus, Mint and Lavender planted in gardens to repel insects, but, not many may have noticed that there is another plant that is equally effective in driving away pests. The name of this plant is Fennel. Yes, fennel is not merely a great flavoring agent in many dishes, it is also used to deter snails, slugs and aphids. These pests seem to hate the strong aroma of fennel. Fennel contains essential oils that exude a typical or distinctive fragrance, non tolerable to these pests. Plant Fennel in your garden and get rid of these pesky pests in no time.

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24. Nepeta

 Plants that Repel Flies

Image Credit: photoshelter

Another mosquito repelling plant is Nepeta or Catmint. This plant is a lot like Catnip, but only much milder in aroma. Like Catnip, Nepeta also attracts cats, but repels pesky winged creatures like mosquitoes. The reason why mosquitoes cannot tolerate going near this plant is its chemical called nepetalactone that is present in it. This perennial also exudes a distinct aroma that is detested by mosquitoes.

25. Oregano

 Plants that Repel Flies

Image Credit: stackpathdns

Do you know that Oregano, the most famous spice to be used in many cuisines is also a great insect repelling herb? Well, now you know! Oregano can easily deter insects like cabbage butterfly, mosquitoes and cucumber beetles from wrecking havoc in your garden. It can be planted as a companion plant to onion, chives or garlic to repel all these kinds of insects. However, Oregano is often attacked by other bugs like leaf-hoppers and aphids.

26. Wormwood

Plants that Repel Wasps

Image Credit: draxe

One of the many varieties of Artemisia, Wormwood is a great insect repelling plant. It comes in the category of popular plants that repel wasps and other kinds of insects. Many gardeners plant it on the borders of garden beds to deter wasps. Many species of wasps seem to hate the presence of Wormwood, and steer clear of it. The plant of Wormwood grows aggressively, therefore, plant it away from other plants like Peas and Anise. It can grow and propagate nicely in well draining soil.

27. Pitcher Plant

Plants that Repel Wasps

Image Credit: tumblr

A carnivorous plant, the Pitcher Plant is one of the most effective plants to get rid of mosquitoes from your garden. This plant eats and then digests mosquitoes once these get lured into its leafy pitchers. The pitchers contain a distinct aroma and nectar that attracts mosquitoes inside them. Once they enter, these winged creatures fall into a watery pool and drown eventually. The dead mosquitoes are then digested by the plant. These plants are actually planted in gardens for their exotic beauty, plus for getting rid of other insects like flies, slugs, ants, beetles, snails and wasps.

28. Bay Laurel

 Plants that Repel Roaches

Image Credit: wp

Bay Laurel is another pest repelling plant that deters mice, cockroaches as well as flies from your home. If you have a garden that is frequented by these pesky creatures, then plant this plant in pot or in the soil directly. It can also be planted in pots and kept on your patio or terrace garden for keeping insects away.

29. Borage

Pest Repelling Plants

Image Credit: southernexposure

Best in repelling cabbage worms, Borage is an excellent herb that can be grown in your veggie garden to get rid of these as well as other types of worms like tomato horn-worms. Therefore, it is a good idea to plant Borage next to your tomato plant if you want it to thrive and propagate well. Borage attracts pollinators like wasps and bees to your garden.

30. Sunflowers

Pest Repelling Plants

Image Credit: imaginativebarbie

Reaching upto 12 feet in height, the Sunflower is an annual that can truly help your gardens get rid of irritating pests like aphids that harm most plant species. Plant Sunflowers directly in the soil and see them flourishing beautifully in your garden apart from attracting pollinators like bees.

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31. Dill

Pest Repelling Plants

Image Credit: harvesttotable

Best companion plant to tomatoes, the annual herb – Dill actually helps the tomatoes to grow optimally as it draws tomato horn-worms to it, thereby protecting the tomato plant from getting damaged. Dill plant also poses as a deterrent to spider mites, aphids, cabbage looper, squash bugs and small white. For protecting squash plants from squash bugs, plant Dill next to it, or simply, sprinkle its leaves all over your squash plant for best results.

Final Thoughts

The above listed pest repelling plants must be included in your gardening agenda if you are planning to have a pest and bug free garden. All of these plants are not only beautiful in appearance but are also extremely effective in getting rid of pesky pests that often damage your plants and flowers. Do try planting a few of these and ping back if you find success!

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