List of 25 Best Plants For Summer Season

Plants For Summer Season

The best plants for the summer season consist of flowering plants that feature vibrant hues. There are also lush evergreens that produce striking foliage all summer long. These plants will surely make your garden stand out. Alternatively, you can harvest some of the flowering beauties in order to fill your vases or to be given away.

1. Geranium

best plants for summer

Image Credit: Marissa Hyatt

Geranium is a bedding that’s famous during summer. Moreover, these sun-loving plants can thrive well in hot, dry, and sunny conditions. It produces beautiful blooms all throughout the season. They can be planted in the garden as beds or borders. On the other hand, the plant can be grown indoors in a container or hanging baskets.

2. Coleus

best plants for summer season

Image Credit: George Weigel

The young coleus plants can be grown in your garden or container. With its beautiful, vibrant, and colorful foliage, you will be able to make your garden look very beautiful from summer until frost.

3. Antirrhinum

best plants for summer

Image Credit: Mullerseeds

The Antirrhinums are loved for their flower spikes. They are also famous for having an incredibly long flowering period. Moreover, these flowering plants feature mesmerizing mouth like flowers that opens up when squeezed. If you want a bedding plant this summer that can attract bees, then this plant would be perfect. They are a good source of nectar for bees.

4. Ivy

best plants for summer

Image Credit: Online Plant Guide

The lush green leaves of the Ivy plant make them a perfect summer garden plant to decorate your front façade. You can grow the plant in a beautiful terra cotta pot indoors. On the other hand, you can plant them directly in your garden for a perfect focal point.

5. Penstemon

best plants for summer season

Image Credit: Perry Hill Nurseries

If you want to grow a low maintenance plant this summer, then choose the Penstemon. It is a long blooming plant that produces vibrant flowers. The flowers are in shades of purple, violet and blue. It can last for several weeks from late spring until summer.

6. Caladium

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Image Credit: Southern Living

The Caladium is truly a stunner. The plant is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Its heart shaped white and green leaves will look even more beautiful when grown beside other colorful flowering plants. When your favorite flowers bloom for up to a week or two, the Caladiums will produce wonderful leaf colors all summer long.

7. Daylily

best plants for summer season

Image Credit: American Meadows

The Daylily is one of those summer flowering plants that are highly recommended for beginners. They require little to no maintenance and are resistant to insects and diseases. Furthermore, their blooms come in various shades and sizes. Being a summer plant, the Daylily needs to be planted in areas that receive at least six hours of sunlight.

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8. Lobelia

best plants for summer

Image Credit: Benary

The dainty blooms of Lobelia will produce wonderful waterfalls of colors. Moreover, when planted on a patio on hanging containers and baskets, they can help improve your home facade. You can also choose to grow the upright varieties that will make for perfect edging and borders. These flowers are easy to grow. Therefore, they are long flowering and can complement any summer bedding scheme.

9. Hostas

best plants for summer season

Image Credit: Variegated Foliage Nursery

The Hostas are among the best foliage plants to grow in light to medium shade. However, it can also thrive well in summer. They are easy to grow and are truly resilient. Available in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes, the Hostas are much loved for the flowers they produce. In most cases, the flowers produce a fragrant smell all summer long. Various landscapers and gardeners love the foliage and flowers of Hostas.

10. Black-eyed Susan

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Image Credit: Start to Finish Landscaping

The Black eyed Susan is a drought tolerant perennial that produces a late summer to early fall color. As such, the plant is among the best plants for the summer season. They can thrive on sites where a lot of plants do not thrive, such as rocky terrains and dry hillsides. Therefore, if you live in areas where not a lot of flowers can survive, you can give this plant a try. Their flowers are available in different shades of gold, orange, yellow, and russet.

11. Sweet peas

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Image Credit: HGTV

The sweet peas will surely make for a fantastic garden bedding plant. You can leave the plant to scramble up in netting where they can reach up to 1.8 m long. Alternatively, you can opt for the dwarf sweet peas that can serve as a ground cover at the front of borders and beds. With its delightful fragrance and a wide variety of colors, this flowering plant is definitely one of the most excellent summer garden plants.

12. Baby’s Tears Helxine

If you want to add more greens to your garden this summer, Baby’s Tears would be a great choice. This fast growing evergreen plant has a slow spreading habit. As a result, it has the tendency to spill beautifully on the container sides. However, it will not grow too far since the creeping stems will not be able to thrive without getting in contact with the soil. Although the plant can thrive well in summer, it is recommended that you water the plant regularly. In addition, the plant must be fed with fertilizer after every two weeks.

13. Coneflower

best plants for summer

Image Credit: Gardening Know How

The coneflower is known as among the most dependable perennials that can bloom from early until late summer and up to early fall. Indeed, the coneflower is long growing. In fact, it could last up to early fall, although this also depends on the cultivar. The plant features dark green foliage that would complement well with the vibrant colors of summer flower plants.

14. African Violet

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Image Credit: Blogspot

African violets are among the flowering plants that are easiest to grow. They bloom all year round with less effort. As a result, beginners would often choose this plant when looking for a flowering plant to grow in their yard. You can also choose from a hundred different varieties of African Violets and some of these have variegated foliage that will make your garden look even more beautiful in summer.

15. Bromeliads

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Image Credit: Orlando Sentinel

The Bromeliads provide an exotic touch to your garden this summer. It brings a sense of tropics and sun-kissed climate right into your home. Growing the bromeliad as a houseplant is so easy. It is known for its interesting texture and color. As a result, gardeners who are looking for a plant to give color to their garden would choose Bromeliad. The plant is long lasting and is definitely easy to maintain.

16. Hibiscus

best plants to grow in summer

Image Credit: Harmonicarts

The tropical Hibiscus plant is definitely one of the best summer plants to grow in your house. This shrubby upright plant produces huge beautiful blooms and creates a touch of tropics in your home. However, each individual bloom will only last for a day or two. When growing the Hibiscus, it is important to keep the soil uniformly moist at all times.

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17. Oxalis

best plants to grow in summer

Image Credit: Easy To Grow Bulbs

Oxalis is known for its triangular and clover like purple leaves. It is among the prettiest summer flowering plants to grow this summer. Aside from purple, the plant also produces white and pink blooms during summer. Therefore, if you want a flowering plant that can bring different shades of colors into your garden, then Oxalis would be a great choice.

18. Anthurium

best plants for summer

Image Credit: Anthuriumhi

Anthuriums are known for producing flowers with festive shades. It comes in shades of lavender, red, pink, and white. Thus, if you want your garden to look festive this summer, then grow Anthuriums! They are long lasting and can last until a month or two. Therefore, if you want a long growing plant this summer, the Anthuriums should be on your list.

19. Kaffir Lily

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Image Credit: World of Flowering Plants

Kaffir lily is among the summer garden plants that also bloom in winter. Therefore, it makes for a perfect indoor flower. This flowering plant produces clusters of reddish orange and yellow tubular flowers. With its deep leaves aligned in just a single plane, the Kaffir Lily will remain attractive even if they are not in bloom.

20. Christmas Cactus

best plants to grow in summer

Image Credit: World of Succulents

A lot of plants sold as Christmas cactus are closely related to each other. Sometimes, this summer plant is called the Thanksgiving cactus since it usually blooms a few weeks earlier than the Christmas cactus. Both varieties can grow in cool temperature and often has a short day length. During fall, make sure to keep the plant in a sunny and cool location. Soon enough, the flower buds will start to develop.

21. Brazilian Fireworks

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Image Credit: National Gardening Association

Wondering where the Brazilian fireworks got its name? The fireworks actually came from the fact that the flowers produce deep red flowers during late spring and summer. Thus, creating an explosion of vibrant colors. As the flowers begin to fade, they will shoot their small black seeds right across a room. Just like with the other summer plants, Brazilian fireworks are also a great choice for outdoor blooms.

22. Gloxinia

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Image Credit: Pinterest

Gloxinia produces flowers during late winter and early spring, producing a three-inch bell shaped blooms. The flowers are known for their vibrant rich colors, marked with contrasting bands and speckles of white. Closely related to the African violets, the Gloxinia prefers to thrive in warm temperatures. Because of this, Gloxinia is among the best plants for the summer season.

23. Cosmos

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Image Credit: David’s Garden Diary

If you want bedding plants that could attract bees, then choose cosmos. The plants are known for producing large saucer shaped flowers. As such, these fabulous flowering plants add beautiful texture to your bedding schemes. The cosmos starts blooming in mid summer.

24. Californian poppy

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Image Credit: CNN

Another flowering plant known for its vibrant colors is the Californian poppy. The annual can be sown directly in beds. It produces effortless drifts of color in your garden. It has intensely colored blooms that are produced above beautiful blue green foliage. Thus, if you are in need of a flowering plant that has beautiful foliage, the Californian poppy is perfect.

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25. Busy Lizzie

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Image Credit: Saga Garden Centre

The Busy Lizzie is ideal for shadier beds and borders. However, being a summer plant, it can also be grown under direct sunlight. This summer bedding plant produces large blooms with varying shades of brilliant colors. From pinks, reds and purples, the Busy Lizzie can make your garden look very colorful this summer.

Final Thoughts

With this long list of the best plants for the summer season, coming up with a beautiful garden this summer is definitely possible.

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