25 Small Herb Garden Design Ideas That Looks Amazing

Small Herb Garden Design Ideas

These small herb garden design ideas are all you need to spice up your home. They are very creative and will surely make your garden look amazing. You can also apply some of these ideas indoors, most especially in your kitchen. By having a cute little herb garden in your kitchen, there’s no longer a need for you to go out and get some herbs to use in your cooking.

1. Colorful Mason Jars

Amazing herb garden design

Image Credit: The CSI Project

The use of mason jars for your herb garden is truly unique. By painting them with colorful shades of pastels, you’ll have a beautiful and unique garden of herbs at home! Alternatively, you can also place these jars indoors. Just make sure to water your herbs regularly.

2. Herbs on the Stairs

Herb garden design ideas

Image Credit: The Cottage Market

This is another unique way to come up with an herb garden indoors. Simply plant your herbs in tiny flowerpots and decorate them on your stairs. You can opt for colorful flowerpots or go for neutral colors like the above photo.

3. Herb Filled Moss Basket

unique herb garden idea

Image Credit: The Creativity Exchange

These herb planters in a basket look very beautiful. Simply gather your small potted herb plants and arrange them in a moss basket. And in order to easily identify the herbs, stick chalkboard names on each pot. You can place the basket near a windowsill so your herbs will receive plenty of sunlight. You can even give this cute basket of herbs as a gift!

4. Tin Can Herb Planters in Countertop

Creative herb garden ideas

Image Credit: HGTV

If you want an herb garden right in your kitchen counter, this idea is perfect. As you see, this design is so beautiful and is easy to create. You can make use of recycled tin cans in planting your favorite herbs. Then group them altogether, tie a ribbon and place in a tray.

5. Indoor Pot Herb Garden

Creative indoor herb garden

Image Credit: A Project at a Time

If you have an indoor plant in a huge pot, consider planting your herbs along with it. As you see above, the potted plant still looks adorable and can make for a great ornament on your front door. This is truly a unique and smart way of growing herbs at home.

6. Herbs on Pallets

unique herb garden indoors

Image Credit: Pinterest

Another smart and affordable small herb garden design idea for your home would be to make use of recycled pallets, as seen above. With some basic carpentry skills, you can convert your pallets to an herb planter. You can place this herb garden indoors or in your patio.

7. Hanging Mason Jar

small herb garden idea

Image Credit: Ramshackle Glam

Another herb garden design idea that makes use of mason jars is this hanging herb planter. If you have empty jars at home, plant your herbs in there. Tie it with a rope and hang on your ceiling. You can also hang the jars in your kitchen window so it will receive lots of sun, which is necessary for your herbs to grow.

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8. Colorful Ladder Herb Garden

small her garden design ideas

Image Credit: Small Town Rambler

This beautiful ladder herb garden is a great way to add color into your yard or patio. You can purchase readymade ladders and paint it with the color you want. Then adorn it with your potted herb plants. You can also place this herb planter on your front door to make a good impression to your visitors.

9. Hanging Herbs on Kitchen Windows

small herb garden design ideas

Image Credit: Door Decorate

Another way to come up with an herb garden in your kitchen is with the use of these hanging herb planters. You can use any flowerpot for this design. Or to save money, you can make use of recycled plastic bottles like the image above.

10. Wine Crate Herb Planter

small herb garden design idea

Image Credit: Hotel Residencia

If you are looking for ways on how to grow indoor herb garden without spending money on a planter, then use a recycled wine crate. This is easy to achieve, yet it looks very creative. You can place the crate indoors or in your patio.

11. Colorful Boots Herb Garden

small herb garden design idea

Image Credit: Garden Lovers Club

Another very smart and creative small herb garden design ideas that will make your garden look amazing is with the use of colorful boots as planters. So instead of throwing those old rain boots of your kids, get creative by painting it with colorful designs. Add soil and plant your favorite herbs!

12. Tin Can Herb Planters

small herb design idea

Image Credit: Homey Oh My

Another smart way to recycle tin cans is to use them as herb planters. To make them even more beautiful, paint it with a chrome color just like what’s shown above. And to make it look even more creative, attach small chalkboards identifying the type of herb.

13. Plastic Bottle Herb Planters

herb design idea

Image Credit: Recycled Things

The use of plastic bottle as herb planters is another smart herb garden idea that makes use of recycled things. With this design, you are not only making your garden look prettier, but you also get to help the environment. So start collecting plastic bottles now and convert them to herb planters. You can then hang them in your garden wall like the image above.

14. Spiral Herb Garden

outdoor herb garden design

Image Credit: Permaculture Northern Beaches

This herb garden design might require a lot of time and effort, but it will definitely be worth it. So if you want an outdoor herb garden, this design would be a great idea. You can also grow some flowering plants in this design, along with your herbs.

15. Three Tiered Hanging Herb Planters

small herb garden design

Image Credit: Ikea

If you’ve got unused containers at home, convert it into a hanging herb planter similar to the pic above. Plant your herbs in each of the containers. Then with the use of ribbon or rope, attach the containers to each other. You can then hang this planter on your ceiling or decorate in your balcony.

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16. Metal Tub Herb Garden

small herb design idea

Image Credit: DIYHome

One of the easiest and unique ways of growing herbs is to use a roomy metal tub like the design above. Simply fill the tub with soil, and start planting your herbs. And in order for you to easily identify them, attach sticks beside each herb with their name on it.

17. Herbs in Colorful Clay Pots

small herb design ideas

Image Credit: Mod Podge Rocks

Another colorful kitchen herb garden design that looks really amazing is with the use of colorful clay pots. If you have creative juices in you, then make use of it. Paint some of your clay pots at home with colorful designs similar to the above photo. Fill each pot with soil then plant your herbs! You can then place these in your kitchen, perhaps beside a windowsill or in the counter.

18. Colorful Hanging Herb Planters

herb garden design ideas

Image Credit: AliExpress.com

These colorful hanging herb planters are definitely among the most beautiful small herb garden design ideas for your home. By hanging these in your front yard, you are adding more colors to your garden, which helps improve your home’s curb appeal. If you prefer these indoors, then simply hang them in your kitchen.

19. Old Dresser Herb Planter

small herb garden design ideas

Image Credit: Good Housekeeping

One of the best ways to recycle old stuff is to convert it into a planter, similar to this old dresser above. So instead of throwing your old cabinet or dressers, paint them with vibrant pastel shades. Fill each drawer with soil and start planting your herbs! This design is truly unique and is a great way to add more color to your outdoor garden.

20. Colorful Tires Herb Planter

small herb garden design

Image Credit: Gardeners World

Another creative way to use recycled items as planter is this colorful tire herb planter. It’s easy to achieve too. Just paint your old tires with colorful shades of vibrant colors. Fill the tires with soil and plant your herbs. Decorate them in the garden or in your front yard.

21. Teacup Herb Planters

herb garden design ideas

Image Credit: Top Inspired

When it comes to learning how to grow indoor herb garden on a budget, then you should know how to recycle old stuff to be used for your herb garden. Aside from the recycled items mentioned above, the use of this teacup is also a smart way to get creative with your indoor herb garden. It would be a great idea to use colorful teacups so as to make your herb garden look even more beautiful.

22. Wall-Mounted Ceramic Herb Garden

small herb garden design

Image Credit: Contemporist

If you fancy a hanging planter for your herbs, then this design would be perfect. You can visit any garden supplies store and purchase those white ceramic planters. Attach a rope and mount each of the planters beautifully on your garden wall. This design is also suitable for a kitchen herb garden. It can be hanged in one of your kitchen walls. Just make sure you hang them in a way that it would still be possible for you to water them regularly.

23. Vertical Pyramid Herb Garden

small herb garden ideas

Image Credit: Wearefound.com

Having this vertical pyramid herb garden in your yard will surely make your home garden to stand out. It is very unique and creative. You can leave it unpainted like the picture above or you can paint it with bright colors before you start hanging your herb plants. This pyramid planter can be bought from any garden supplies store.

24. Potted Herbs By Your Kitchen Window

small herb garden design

Image Credit: The Plumbette

Another simple but beautiful kitchen herb garden design idea is the use of plain white pots, similar to the design above. Simply plant your herbs to these plain colored pots, attach a chalkboard for their names then place them near your kitchen sink.

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25. Tiered Water Fountain

small herb garden design ideas

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you don’t mind splurging some money in growing herbs at home, then invest on this solar powered 4 tier water fountain. You can then plant your herbs on each tier beside the flowing water. With this design, you can be sure that your herbs will remain healthy because the soil will remain moist.

Final Thoughts

As you see, most of the small herb garden design ideas above are easy to achieve. With a little bit of creativity, coming up with your own herb garden at home should be possible.

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