31 Amazing and Inspiring Rooftop Garden Ideas

Rooftop Garden Ideas

There are lots of rooftop garden ideas that you can take inspiration from. These ideas can be useful when it comes to building your own rooftop garden. However, the process on how to build rooftop gardens can be a bit complicated. As you probably know, a rooftop garden is not like any typical garden in your yard. Hence, it requires thorough research, proper planning and determination. So to guide you through it, here are some amazing and inspiring rooftop garden ideas to consider.

1. Modern Roof Garden Design

Rooftop Garden Ideas

Image Credit: Ambito

Modern houses require modern designed gardens. Thus, if you have a contemporary or modern designed home, then this modern roof garden design would be a great idea. The design requires the use of sleek materials with a minimalist feel, leading to an organized yet inviting outdoor space.

2. Garden Lounge at the Rooftop

rooftop garden design

Image Credit: San Diego Duathlon

A garden lounge is a perfect place to relax and hang out with friends and loved ones. If you want to come up with a relaxing and cozy lounge on your own rooftop, then this beautiful garden lounge is a great inspiration. The wooden seating goes well with the wooden floors. Make sure to surround your lounge with greens. Perhaps, you can plant some shrubs, ornaments and some trees.

3. Small Rooftop Garden

rooftop garden

Image Credit: InspirationSeek

The limited space in your rooftop should not discourage you from coming up with a beautiful rooftop garden. To maximize the space, grow lots of dwarf trees and vine plants near the walls. These plants can make use of your limited space vertically. Hence, your small rooftop garden will not look too crowded.

4. Plants As Privacy Fencing

rooftop garden

Image Credit: Pinterest

It would be great to have some privacy while we relax at our rooftop garden. Therefore, consider growing plants near the rooftop walls. Choose those plants that have the tendency to grow tall. With these plants, you will be able to easily come up with a privacy fence for your garden. Thus, you can get the privacy that you need and you will also be protected from the harsh environments from the outdoors.

5. Stunning Rooftop Garden Patio

rooftop garden

Image Credit: Home Interior Design and Decoration

This simple but stunning roof garden architecture is perfect for those who want a relaxing and cozy ambiance for their rooftop garden. The wooden coffee table and chairs work perfectly with the lush green vegetation. Installing outdoor lighting can help to make the garden to look even more stunning especially at night. Indeed, this garden is a perfect way to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work.

6. Rooftop Garden With Pond

rooftop garden

Image Credit: Clarence Davids

A rooftop pond with colorful fishes and floating plants can make any rooftop garden to stand out. If you are someone who loves to grow aquatic plants, then this idea might just work for you. In addition, the calmness of the water can help you to de-stress. On the other hand, you may also consider installing a water fountain to make your rooftop garden look even more striking.

7. Topiary Garden at the Rooftop

rooftop garden

Image Credit: Secret Gardens of Sydney

Topiary gardens are truly fascinating. Thus, if you want a rooftop garden that will really stand out, then you may want to grow some topiary in it. As you know, these plants can be shaped to different eccentric shapes, making your garden look even more picturesque. Don’t forget to plant some grasses and shrubs as well and finish the look by installing beautiful lounge chairs.

8. Barbecue at the Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Garden Ideas

Image Credit: Garden Chic

Barbecue parties at the rooftop sounds like a great idea. Simply allocate some space in your garden for a barbecue grill. Perhaps, you can have it in an open cottage. That way, you can be protected from the harsh sunlight while you grill. The cottage can also protect your grill from rain showers.

9. Colorful Rooftop Garden Design

rooftop garden design

Image Credit: Balcony Web Garden

Growing colorful flowers in your garden is truly one of the most inspiring rooftop garden ideas. You can create a charming garden by planting colorful flowering plants. Most of the rooftop gardens are sunny. Hence, these plants will surely grow easily. Consider the use of a combination of annuals and perennials to create a lovely rooftop garden.

10. Cascading Rooftop Garden

rooftop garden

Image Credit: Inhabitat

A cascading roof is truly unique. Yet, this design also allows you to come up with a beautiful cascading rooftop garden. This rooftop design features a massive garden staggered across the cascading roof. The garden consists of an assortment of shrubs, trees and flowers. You may also include some vegetables and fruits, too!

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11. Japanese Rooftop Garden

rooftop garden

Image Credit: forloveofexploration

A Japanese garden on your rooftop is truly amazing. The garden symbolizes calmness and purity. Thus, it’s perfect for relaxing and meditation. The garden often consists of rocks and boulders and a small river or pond. Don’t forget to build a Japanese inspired bridge over the water and finish the look by growing some trees, grasses and shrubs. Hiring a professional landscape artist to create this rooftop garden is a good idea.

12. Chic and Cozy Rooftop Garden

rooftop garden

Image Credit: Orchidlagoon

This chic and cozy rooftop garden is simple yet sexy. It features unique furniture pieces that are both stylish and comfortable. Indeed, this place is a perfect way to relax and entertain friends. If you want the same idea for your garden, then invest on sleek furniture pieces and focus on the shades of black and white. Grow some shrubs as privacy fence and infuse with flowering plants that bear white flowers.

13. Rooftop Vegetable Garden

rooftop garden

Image Credit: nirjanasharma

Growing vegetables in your rooftop is a great idea. In fact, there are lots of rooftop vegetable garden ideas that you can incorporate when it comes to this. You can choose to grow some of these veggies in containers and pots. Line them in your rooftop along with other plants. Alternatively, you can pour in lots of soil and plant the veggies directly. Whatever method you prefer, make sure to water them regularly. Remember that the key to the overall success of your vegetable garden lies in caring and maintaining them well.

14. Rooftop Cactus Garden

rooftop garden

Image Credit: Pinterest

The cactus is among the best rooftop garden plants to grow. These plants could withstand extreme cold and heat. As a result, they can thrive well on your rooftop. As you know, this area in your house is often exposed to extreme weather. Moreover, the cactus does not require lots of maintenance and care. Thus, they are perfect for those who don’t have much time to tend to their rooftop garden.

15. Dining at the Rooftop Garden

rooftop garden

Image Credit: Orchidlagoon

Wouldn’t it be great to have dinners at your rooftop too? If this sounds like a great idea for you, then consider setting up a dining area in your rooftop garden. A wooden dining set surrounded with greens can make your rooftop area look fabulous. Of course, don’t forget the lights. Invest on some beautiful outdoor lighting to make your rooftop dining even more romantic at night.

16. Pool Garden At the Rooftop

rooftop garden

Image Credit: 10 Stunning Homes

Rooftop pools are not only for hotels. You can have the same idea in your home too. Take inspiration from this pool garden at a rooftop. As you see, it does not require so much space. Thus, even if you have limited space in your rooftop, having a pool garden is really possible. Talk to a pool installation company near you and find out how you can have a pool installed in your rooftop garden.

17. Rooftop Garden With a Hammock

rooftop garden

Image Credit: jeffreyerb

When you think of relaxing in a garden, an image of a hammock will usually come to mind. Thus, one of the relaxing rooftop garden ideas is to have a stylish hammock in it. You can take inspiration from the image above. Invest in a stylish hammock that’s fully functional too. Surround the hammock with a lovely flower garden to make your garden look more charming and colorful.

18. Modern Rooftop Garden With Lights

rooftop garden

Image Credit: Roof Top Garden Malta

A modern rooftop garden with lights look dreamy and romantic at night. This is a perfect place for a sizzling barbecue at night. Moreover, you can install some functional and comfortable lounge chairs, where you can relax and spend quality time with a loved one. There are lots of innovative outdoor lighting that you can invest for your rooftop garden. Better check that out.

19. Massive Rooftop Garden Design

rooftop garden design

Image Credit: InspirationSeek

If you’ve got a massive space in your rooftop, then take inspiration from this massive roof garden architecture. Simply fill your roof with lots of greens. Perhaps, you can grow some shrubs, ornamental grasses and trees. You may also install outdoor furniture pieces to make full use of the space. Otherwise, build a gigantic swimming pool where you and your loved ones can cool down after a hard day’s work.

20. Dwarf Conifer Trees in Containers

rooftop garden design

Image Credit: idolza

This Japanese inspired rooftop garden is truly amazing. This is a great idea if you want a lush green garden in your rooftop. You can grow lots of ferns and dwarf conifers in a container and scatter them all over the rooftop. As you see, this design can give your rooftop a warm and elegant look. Of course, you must also embellish your garden with beautiful wooden furniture pieces.

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21. Succulent Rooftop Garden

rooftop garden design

Image Credit: Pinterest

Succulents are among the most popular rooftop garden plants. This is for a good reason. Just like the cactus, the succulents could withstand extreme cold and heat. In addition, succulents are truly charming and can make your garden look lovely. In fact, the succulents are a favorite of modern landscapers. They are beautiful, long lasting and requires less maintenance and care.

22. Ornamental Grasses Rooftop Garden

rooftop garden design

Image Credit: ZEN Associates

Growing and maintaining a rooftop garden is never easy. Hence, if you don’t have the time to care and maintain your garden, consider the use of ornamental grasses. The grasses don’t need a lot of maintenance. In fact, they don’t need to be cut before winter. When grown well, these grasses can make your rooftop to stand out. It is the perfect choice for both rooftop and terrace gardens.

23. Coffee Table and Chairs in a Rooftop Garden

rooftop garden design

Image Credit: Pinterest

A rooftop garden and hardwood floors are a perfect pair. And to make your rooftop garden stand out, install wooden furniture in it as well. A wooden coffee table and chairs would be perfect. They look lovely amidst the green grasses and shrubs. Alternatively, you can install a wooden sofa set in your garden to accommodate more guests.

24. Sea view Rooftop Garden

rooftop garden design

Image Credit: Pinterest

If you were looking for sea view rooftop garden ideas, then this would be a great inspiration to follow. To achieve this look, invest on light colored furniture pieces. Perhaps, you can have white or beige colored lounge chairs complete with white coffee table. Another great thing about using light colored furniture is that they do not heat up so quickly. Therefore, you can have a comfortable stay in your rooftop garden even during daytime.

25. Sheltered Rooftop Garden with Stairs

rooftop garden design

Image Credit: HGTV

This beautiful rooftop garden can be accessed from a floor right above it through the beautiful stair on the side. Although this idea works great for terrace gardens, you can follow the same idea for your rooftop garden. Moreover, in order for the stairs to complement with the plants surrounding it, consider painting the stairs in green.

26. Open Slat Roofing in a Rooftop Garden

rooftop garden design

Image Credit: Divisare

If you want your rooftop garden to be partially covered, then one of the ideas to consider is the use of open slat roofing. The roof is enough to provide your garden with a partial shade, which makes for comfortable seating in the garden. In fact, this idea is common in patios and yards. In addition, consider installing a pond in the garden and finish it up with wooden flooring that complement well with your open slat roofing.

27. Minimalist Rooftop Garden Design

rooftop garden design

Image Credit: GotoHomeRepair

If you want a simple but elegant look for your rooftop garden, this minimalist rooftop garden design would be a great inspiration to follow. As you see, it makes use of light and neutral colored furniture and other minimalist design elements. Moreover, complete the look by growing some flowering plants that produces white flowers or other flowers with neutral shades.

28. Lush Green Rooftop Garden

rooftop garden design

Image Credit: HowtoSpendIt

Lush green vegetation in your rooftop is a great idea. This is also great for those with long and narrow space in their rooftop. Simply grow the area with lots of greens, such as shrubs, ornamental grasses, trees, and you may even include some vegetables too. In fact, this is one of those rooftop vegetable garden ideas to consider if you are thinking of growing some veggies too.

29. Recycled Tire Planters In a Rooftop Garden

rooftop garden design

Image Credit: Blogspot

Another creative yet practical way to design your rooftop garden is with the use of recycled tires as planters. You do not really need to spend a lot of money for containers and pots to grow your flowering pants at the rooftop. If you have some unused tires, consider recycling them and use as planters. Moreover, in order to make the garden look even more appealing, place some furniture sets in it, such as the green sofa shown above.

30. Beautiful Hardwood Floors in Rooftop Garden

rooftop garden design

Image Credit: Balconygardenweb

There’s something about hardwood floors that makes them look so elegant. Thus, if you want your rooftop garden to also look elegant, consider the use of hardwood floors. Finish up the look by displaying dark colored chairs and lounges. In addition, you can also place pebbles on the side in order to complement with the rustic design.

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31. Colorful Art Installations in a Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Garden Ideas

Image Credit: Glubdubs

Colorful art installations can make any dull looking garden to stand out. Thus, if you feel that your rooftop garden is lacking something, then install some art installations that will make the garden to stand out. Bright colored artwork would be perfect since they go against the green grasses and plants. Otherwise, you can have a playground in your garden by installing some colorful swings and slides.

Final Thoughts

The process on how to build rooftop gardens is not easy. Thus, you need the help of professional landscape artists to achieve the kind of look that you want for your rooftop garden. Otherwise, you can refer to the rooftop garden ideas above to come up with your own. Nevertheless, hiring a professional for your rooftop garden design is definitely a good idea.

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