How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden: Deer Proof Gardens

Is deer menace posing as a major obstacle to your gardening dreams? Are you always trying to shoo away the cute innocent looking Bambi from entering your green garden? If yes, you are about to get bombarded with cool tips on how to keep deer out of your garden!

How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

We all know that deer are one of the most irritating and destructive animals that can cause great harm to your garden. These four legged creatures can maraud whole gardens and eat away your favorite plants, flowers, trees, and gardens in a flash.

With the below mentioned tips, you all can achieve beautiful deer proof gardens. From choosing the correct type of fencing to using Eco-friendly repellents to putting to use scare tactics, there are a whole lot of awesome ideas showcased below.

How to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

1. Try Building the Right Type of Deer Fence

Fencing your garden is one of the best ideas if you wish to prevent deer from entering and wrecking havoc in your garden. But, choosing just any type of fence wouldn’t do you much good. There are a few considerations to keep in mind before you invest in a fence to restrict or ban deer entry.

Deer Proof Gardens

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2. Important Tips for Putting up the Right Type of Garden Fence

Let’s take a look at a few of these important tips on the type of fencing you should choose to keep deer away from your garden:

1. The best type of fence to put up is an electrical one. Having an electric fence will help deter deer and other kinds of pests that want to come inside your garden and chew away delicate flowers and shrubs. However, you do have to check in advance if your local municipal office allows electric fencing to be put up.

Read up on all the laws pertaining to using such kinds of fences. Some useful tips that come in handy when planning to go electric are:

a. Check up with your municipality.

b. Never install electrical fencing yourself. Rather, hire a legal company to do the job.

c. Buy either a plug-in fence or a solar powered one.

d. Daily maintenance is needed to ensure that no weeds twine on the fencing.

One mustn’t use electrical fencing if he or she has young children around as it can prove very dangerous, not just to the deer but to others as well.

2. Another type of fence that you can plan to erect around your garden is a Stockade fence.

These do not allow the deer or other animals to have any view of your garden, and as is commonly said, “a thing that remains out of sight, remains out of mind as well”. The same goes for deer as they cannot see what’s inside the fence. You can have a fence measuring 6 feet in height if it’s a stockade fence.

3. The fence must have cross pieces made out of wood. You can also go in for a wired type. The spacing between the cross pieces must be at least 8 inches. This is required so as to prevent any pest to enter it comfortably.

4. Buy a fence that has an outward slant and measures 4 feet in height.

5. A double fence works best if your house is located in deer infested areas of a region. This type of fencing deters deer to jump in between and then remain trapped. As the name suggests, the fencing allows you to erect two layers of the fence. You can use chicken wire or box wire for the inner fence.

6. Make fencing out of large sized stones or rocks. As we all know, unstable rocky formations and stones are a huge deterrent to animals who do not like walking over wobbly and undulating surfaces. One can make fencing from these rocks effectively, but, try to maintain the border width between 6 and 8 inches.

7. Practice individual fencing. If you do not wish to fence the whole length and breadth of your garden, there is another way to prevent deer from entering it. Simply fence each plant that you want to protect. Either use wooden fencing on each plant or use a bird net to cover the plants.

3. Use Repellents that are Detested by Deer

For deer proof gardens, one can follow many tips. One among these is the use of deer repellents frequently if you wish to stop these animals from chewing away your garden’s glory. From natural deer repellent varieties to sprays, you can get any from your local stores.

Natural Deer Repellent

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Merely buying a deer repellent and using it one time will never help you get rid of deer from your garden. You need to follow a strict schedule wherein you practice sparing the repellent frequently.

People who use repellents often complain about not getting the desired results, but, the problem here lies with not the product but with the people. Maintaining a disciplinarian routine is advised if you want 100 percent freedom from deer.

Types of Repellents to be used effectively for Preventing Deer Entry in Your Garden

The markets are flooded with different kinds of deer repellents, each having its own benefits. Most of these repellents smell really bad so as to pose as deterrents for deer and other animals like rabbits. But, merely spraying them once in a while will not solve your deer problem. One has to be regular in using these.

Homemade Deer Deterrent

Image Credit: wholefedhomestead

There are different types of deer repellents available and sold in the market. We are listing a few that are most commonly used by people:

1. Natural Deer Repellent

Natural products are always better to use as these are not dangerous to anyone. These also do not harm the environment. One such brand is the Plant Saver Deer and Rabbit Repellent that makes the animals and pests run away from any garden that’s sprayed with it. One can use such a type of repellent without having to worry about children or pets. Even the animals will not get harmed even if they touch or smell it.

2. Repellents that can be Stuck to the Leaves of Trees and Shrubs

These repellents work well in winter and stick quite nicely on the leaves of any trees. One can use it in colder months when the deer season is on and gardens become virtual grazing grounds for this beautiful creature.

3. Odor Repellents

These are really smelly repellents and are hated by deer as they spread a strong odor in the whole garden area. However, there are a few that do not smell bad and contain soap. The smelly ones contain the feces of animals, fermented blood, dried eggs, and human hair. Some of these also contain the urine of predators.

4. Taste-based Deer Repellents

These repellents are sprayed on the leaves of plants and have a very putrid or bad taste. The ingredients contained in such repellents are rotten eggs, garlic, and sauce. One has to keep repeating the process of applying this type of repellent if he or she needs full proofing against deer.

5. Repellents made at Home

People can also make repellents using tutorials teaching how to make homemade deer deterrents. The internet is flooded with such recipes that contain natural materials and are not dangerous to anyone.

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4. Prevent Deer from Entering Your Garden by Using Scare Tactics

Deer can wreck great havoc on your green garden once they come to know that you have a paradise to serve them delicious flowers and plants. Their occurrence will become more like a daily thing once they have made an entry for the first time. Many people use scare tactics to deter deer, but, how far these tactics will go to help you get a deer free zone depends on the choice of your tactic.

Deer Proof Gardens

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The modern age deer has evolved to become much smarter and tamer than its predecessors. Just like humans, deer too can get used to the same tactic that is repeated again and again. That is why one must invent newer kinds of scare tactics periodically.

Types of Scare Tactics to be Utilized to Deter the Deer

Deer, no doubt is a majestic and very elegant animal, but, when it arrives in your garden with the sole intention of chomping away your roses and peonies, it can become an eyesore. So, how to keep deer out of your garden? This question still looms large on the minds of many people that have amazing looking gardens but have this menace visiting them from time to time.

Deer is a very timid animal that can get scared even by the tiniest of things and the shrillest of sounds. For all of you, we have compiled a list of the types of scare tactics to shoo the deer away from your premises.

1. Motion Activated Sprinklers

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If your gardens are getting kind of bald from excessive chomping by deer, then install motion activated sprinklers as this animal is a very shy creature and is easy to scare.

Install a couple of motion activated sprinklers all throughout the garden – a few at the corners while a few can be put up at the center. Whenever a deer tries entering your garden, the sprinklers will activate and start jetting sudden bursts of water, thereby scaring the creature away.

2. Automatic Flood Light

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This is a real knocker as it can scare off any nocturnal animal, and deer are no different. It’s very often that a herd of deer enters gardens in the wee hours. There is no one around to scare them away except the floodlights that you have installed. These flood lights automatically switch on at the slightest hint of premise intrusion by any animal.

3. Different Types of Noises

As previously said, deer are easily intimidated by sudden noises and sounds. Therefore, install wind chimes in various corners of your home like the balcony or on the branches of trees that are likely to attract these animals. You can also use electronic noisemakers. A simple shout can also scare the deer away.

4. Homemade Deer Deterrent

Homemade Deer Deterrent

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Homemade deer deterrents like scarecrows can also deter the deer as it may think its a human being working on the fields or the garden. You can easily make a scare crow at home using straws and old rags.

5. Always Choose Deer Deterrent Plants

There are many plants that deer absolutely hate eating and therefore, you must choose these species to beautify your gardens instead of the delectable fare like sunflowers that these pesky deers love to chomp.

Deer Repellent Plants

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In order to stop the invasion of deer in your gardens, try planting such plants that have rough textures and are not pleasant to be touched. Some famous deer deterrent plants include Siberian Bugloss, Poppies, and ferns. People desirous of maintaining gardens must avoid planting yummy fruits and veggies that are sure shot attractive to the deer.

Types of Deer Repellent Plants to Keep the Deer at Bay

Let’s take a look at a few of the plants that you must have in your garden if you want the deer menace to end.

1. Plants whose Foliage Consists of Spines

Deer do not like anything that is prickly to enter their mouths, and that is why you must plant such species that have spines covering their leaves. Some plants in this category would include Globe Thistle and Bear’s Breeches.

2. Plants with Hairy Foliage

Some plants, when rubbed on the body, like the cheek, tend to irritate the skin, and this is what will help in preventing deer from chomping them. Such plants include Tuberous Begonias, Ageratum, Purple Top Vervain, and Lamb’s Ear.

3. Plants whose Leaves are Fibrous

Any plant will be disliked by deer if its leaves are too fibrous which means it would be difficult to digest. Deer will not chew on this at all. Some famous plants include Leatherleaf, Elephant Ears, and Alocasia.

4. Grass

Grass is not the favorite diet of deer that love to feast on delicate flowers, fruits, and veggies. Most often, a deer would ignore eating the grass if there are other yummier options around. So, try planting ornamental grasses to keep them at bay.

5. Plants with an Overdose of Aroma and Fragrance

Deer hate anything that smells strongly. Even aromatic flowers do not entice the deer as these discourage it to eat them and make it leave the place. Choose plants like Bee Balm, Dead Nettle, Hyssop, and Blue Mist Shrub to shoo these creatures away.

You can even plant herbs like lavender, oregano, and thyme as these are considered 100 percent deer deterrents.

6. Plants that have Poisonous Foliage

Toxic plants are a big ‘no-no’ for the deer or for that matter any animal. Such plants contain poisonous compounds like Bleeding Hearts, Daffodils, Papaver, and Baptisia. No deer will come close to such plants as they are sure to cause harm to their systems.

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6. Some other Useful Tips to Consider if you want Bambi not to Bother your Garden

Apart from taking the above mentioned measures to ward off deer from your gardens, there are a host of others that too need your consideration if you want a fully deer proof garden. From maintaining cleanliness, and wrapping new plants with nets, to keeping dogs as pets, there are many minute things to bear in mind.

How to keep deer out of your garden

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Read the points below to get a clear idea:

1. New plants must be wrapped using a netting so that deer cannot reach the fruits or bushes. You can also use a caging or wrap the plants with plastic.

2. You must maintain the cleanliness around your garden so that deer do not get a chance to feast on the grass and ripened fruits. Pick the ripened fruits fast before the deer can reach them.

3. Never ever use poisonous chemicals to ward off deer as these substances may prove fatal for others.

4. Always plant in levels as deer is not a good climber and will never ever try stepping on any. Plant your shrubs in sunken beds or do terrace gardening.

5. Never use a repellent once. Try to repeat spraying it from time to time so that deer do not get used to its smell. Also, keep changing your repellent. Deer are fast to adapt and will take no time to get accustomed to a particular type of repellent if used again and again.

6. Keep a dog. A canine is considered an arch enemy of the deer and it’s probably a good idea to keep a breed that guards your grounds and gardens.

7. Put wind chimes and tin pieces here and there, around the perimeter of your garden to scare the deer away as it doesn’t like sudden noises. Use firecrackers too if you need to.

Final Thoughts

Deer and human beings are much alike. Both of them learn to adapt fast and discover new ways and means to survive. All the tips enlisted above are helpful in deterring these delicate creatures from entering your gardens, but, are not foolproof. Some may work the first time and cease to bring good results the second time, while, others may help you for a long time. One needs to keep changing their tricks to fool the Bambi.

By following these tips carefully, I do hope you will now know exactly how to keep deer out of your garden.

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