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Drought Tolerant Plants

31 Plants That Require Little Water : Drought Tolerant Plants

With the world facing a major water crisis today, most regions around the globe are getting drier and drier. The day is not far...
Mediterranean Herbs

15 Mediterranean Herbs : Growing and Their Health Benefits

Herbs impart flavor, color and vital micronutrients to food and that too without increasing the calorie count. Mediterranean herbs have been celebrated by chefs...
How To Grow Basil

How To Grow Basil : A Complete Guide

For most of us, basil is a 'must to include herb' in many of the dishes prepared at home simply because it exudes a...
Coffee Grounds In The Garden

21 Interesting Ways To Use Coffee Grounds In The Garden

There are so many ways on how to use coffee grounds in the garden. So instead of throwing away any leftover from freshly brewed...
21 Baking Soda Uses in The Garden

21 Amazing Baking Soda Uses in The Garden

We all are aware of the many uses of baking soda in cooking, and for the general maintenance of our homes. But, do you...
DIY Garden Decor Ideas

21 Amazing DIY Garden Decor Ideas Using Kitchen Items And Utensils

If you are in need of garden decor ideas that will not blow your budget, then look no further. Your kitchen is actually filled...